Problems with ssh when I log into my PC using my corporate domain while working from home

Thu Apr 23 17:26:47 GMT 2020

Mark Hansen writes:
> Here is my user id (from the id command) when I log in from the office:
> uid=1293438(Mark.Hansen) gid=1049089(Domain Users) ...
> Here is the same when I've logged in with the machine at home:
> uid=1293438(MAN+User(244862)) gid=1293438
> (MAN) is the domain.

That likely means that when you connect from home, you cannot talk to the
corporate domain server or you are ion a different domain.  The domain
part is only shown when it isn't the primary domain IIRC and since the
numerical user instead of the name is shown, that SID did not resolve.

> The actual problem I'm having is that Cygwin tools like ssh, git, etc. can't find my .ssh
> directory. They are looking in "/" rather than my home directory.

Depending on how this is set up in your domain, you might need to point
either Cygwin or sshd to use a separate local directory.  You have no
network access on Windows (i.e. you won't be able to access any fils
shares) until you've authenticated with a password.

> I tried copying my .ssh directory from my home to "/" and although it was created, the
> files have the wrong permissions and I'm unable to change them.

You would need to be either an admin and/or the user who installed
Cygwin for that to work, but you shouldn't do that.

> Is there something I can tweak to get Cygwin to understand which user I am so the ssh
> stuff can start working again?

If Cygwin doesn't know who you are, then that means Windows doesn't know
either, so fixing this on the Cygwin side won't get you much further.

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