Can't use strace on curses application

Marco Atzeri
Wed Apr 22 19:59:24 GMT 2020

Am 22.04.2020 um 21:50 schrieb
> Hi,
> My initial current versions :
> Windows 10 Professional Ver 10.0 Build 18363
> cygwin 3.1.4-1 OK
> I have encountered too many problems with console tty use,
> that with a curses application.
> With cygwin 3.1.4, bash under cmd, and mintty are not really usable.
> I have tried several options to correct use of them and finally came back to cygwin 3.0.7.
> So,
> during these tries, at a moment to observe the problem, I will try to do a strace on my curses app.
> It was impossible to do it.
> It was answered a msgbox with cygncurses-8.dll missing

It seems your application is using an old library not
available anymore

$ cygcheck -p cygncurses-8.dll
Found 0 matches for cygncurses-8.dll

$ cygcheck -p cygncurses
Found 8 matches for cygncurses
libncurses++w10-6.0-12.20171125 - libncurses++w10: Terminal display library
libncurses++w10-6.1-1.20190727 - libncurses++w10: Terminal display library
libncursesw10-6.0-11.20170617 - libncursesw10: Terminal display library
libncursesw10-6.0-12.20171125 - libncursesw10: Terminal display library
libncursesw10-6.1-1.20190727 - libncursesw10: Terminal display library

so current version is number 10.

 From where this program is coming from ?


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