setup-x86_64.exe --quiet-mode issues using Management Tools

Jon Turney
Sat Apr 18 14:58:11 GMT 2020

On 15/04/2020 16:02, KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT) wrote:
>> From: Cygwin <> On Behalf Of Paul Isaacson
>> Hello Cygwin Support,
>> I am trying to install Cygwin silently  through a management tool like SCCM
>> (called Bigfix). I went through the FAQ on your website to see what
>> commands/switches existed. I would like to install silently without any user
>> interaction and so I attempted to use setup-x86_64.exe --quiet-mode and I
>> get into an infinite loop for the installation. Bigfix tells me that the installation
>> is waiting for user response and will not continue. It gets stuck and can't
>> start/finish the installation. Is there any suggestions on what I can try? I also
>> want to install a bunch of packages during the installation but thought I would
>> try to start at a completely silent installation firsts.

It's possible that there are bugs in setup which cause quiet-mode to get 
stuck on some error conditions.

Unfortunately, there's not enough information provided to know if that's 
the case here, or fix it if it is.

>> I have also checked forums as well online to see if anyone else had issues. I
>> found a one forum where someone is having the same issue with no
>> resolution found here:
>> silent-installation-no-progress-window-with-option-to-counsel
> Welcome to the club. Unfortunately, Cygwin setup is not friendly for Software Managers. After a lot of research, I have ended up to the following command:
> ----------------
> @echo off
> @echo Starting Cygwin installation
> "%cd%\setup-x86_64.exe" -q -A -L -l "%cd%\cygwin-repo" -R "C:\Program Files\Cygwin" -P autoconf,automake,bash-completion,binutils,curl,emacs,git,git-svn,gnupg2,inetutils,konsole,mc,openssh,patchutils,perl,python2,python3,rsync,ruby,subversion,tcsh,tmux,unzip,vim,vim-common,wget,xinit,xlaunch,xorg-server,xorg-server-common,xorg-server-xorg,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi100,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi75,xorg-x11-fonts-Type1,xorg-x11-fonts-misc,xterm,zip
> ----------------
> wrapped in a nice "setup-x86_64.bat" that is executed by the installation Powershell script. That command is still popping up a progress window, but it was removed by our Landesk configuration. You may check if yours having the same option not to allow any GUI to be displayed by the installation program.
> I have already requested a feature to totally remove any GUI from silent installation:

Yeah, about that...

If you want to see a feature added to setup, by far the best way is to 
provide a patch to add it.

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