Bug with Windows 10 console

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sat Apr 18 14:05:54 GMT 2020

Am 18.04.2020 um 14:42 schrieb akiki@free.fr:
> Hi,
> To day, all programs are upgraded permanently. A good and a bad thing.
> Windows 10, cygwin ...
> One recent upgrade, I don't target exactly which one, has broken my environment.
> Current versions as reported by cygcheck :
>   Windows 10 Professional Ver 10.0 Build 18363
>   cygwin 3.1.4-1 OK
>   bash 4.4.12-3 OK
> I am using 2 kinds of console to interact with cygwin
>   mintty : using pty as TTY
>   bash under cmd : using cons as TTY
> These two were working correctly until recently, but now only mintty stay correct.
>    -- in reality it's seems
> The principal difference is about Ctrl-C interaction.
> With the 2nd kind of TTY, a same program using curses, on Ctrl-c
>   interrupt the program
>   give me a prompt
>   but the terminal stay in curses mode, ie without echo and bad new line
> I have to do "reset" (/bin/reset) to restore the terminal
> So the interrupt handling has changed.
> Who is responsible.
It might help if you tell us *which* program behaves like that.
> I had a look about the new Window Console Legacy.
> With this new console, we saw a black screen with color bash prompt.
> So with bash, is it possible to work with one or other TTY mode ?
> Howto understand this problem and what can I do to correct it.
> mintty present some problems with my environment and because of that I use the second form of TTY.
Which problems?

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