What is wrong with the name excel?

Fergus Daly fergusd84@outlook.com
Fri Apr 17 19:00:40 GMT 2020

> Windows is odd ...

To those experiencing problems with
$ excel.exe
or, extraordinarily,
$ ./excel.exe
this question: what is your PATH within Cygwin?
Does it include inherited trajectories to Windows resources?
After experiencing many incongruities and unwelcome coincidences when I did not explicitly exclude default Windows pathnames (such as, typically, C:\Users\{yourname}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps but there are many others), I defined
in /etc/bash.bashrc (or your equivalent).
I just tested re-naming a working executable to "excel" within Cygwin, then called it, and the OS simply enacted the required same working executable with no visit or reference to the identically-named MS Office application; and no blank hang either as some have reported.
Dunno .. .. worth looking at in your own case?

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Something that does work is to define a bash function name excel.  Within that
you could invoke an executable called myexcel, etc.  An alias probably works,
too.  Not sure about a symlink (and they come in different flavors).  But
these just paper over that weird special-ness.  Windows is odd ...

Best - Eliot

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