Can I find where cygwin is installed (for automation purposes)

Csaba Raduly
Wed Apr 15 10:51:53 GMT 2020

Hi Paul,

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 12:30 PM Paul Moore via Cygwin <>

> I'm trying to write an automation script that works on a number of
> machines. I know that on all machines Cygwin will be installed, but I
> cannot guarantee that (1) it will be in the same location on each PC,
> or (2) that it will be in PATH.
> There's HKCU\Software\Cygwin\Installations, but that seems to use \??
> prefixes on the PATH, which I'm not sure how to interpret
On my machine, I have a


key, which contains a string value named "rootdir" with the date


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