PTY not working in Mintty

Pavel Fedin
Mon Apr 13 10:45:12 GMT 2020

On 13.04.2020 12:11, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>>>> "cygcheck -svr > cygcheck.out" and compare the output files
>>    "Segmentation fault" on both systems.
> that is really NOT normal

  Yes, these machines have some, and it's impossible to get rid of it. 
It is installed according to The Supreme Leader's Order. Identical set, 
by the way, yet on laptop PTY works and on desktop it doesn't. 
Furthermore, winpty works; i don't think it does something drastically 

  Just tried to run on my home personal desktop, everything is fine 
there, so definitely a BLODA.

  Is there any verbose logging to be turned on, which can shed some light ?

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