PTY not working in Mintty

Pavel Fedin
Mon Apr 13 07:58:34 GMT 2020

Hi! On 10.04.2020 19:21, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> If your desktop Windows version is a bit older, it may not yet support 
> the ConPTY API, so cygwin will silently drop its own conpty support. 
> You might compare the build numbers (cmd /c ver, or winver).

  Just checked. Both systems report:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.720]

>> Hi pavel,
>> what is the setting of CYGWIN variable ?
  It's empty.
>> I suggest you to run
>> "cygcheck -svr > cygcheck.out" and compare the output files
  "Segmentation fault" on both systems.
>> No idea what is "Docker Desktop"
Docker ported to Windows using a virtual machine:
>> but I suggest you to verify that you are really running mintty with 
>> the same invocation in the two cases.
  How to do that (other than above) ? I am really running it from "Start 
menu" using "Cygwin" icon, that's it.

  Sorry Marco, was unable to answer you directly because for some reason 
i haven't got the message. Neither privately nor via the ML.

  Kind regards.

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