Request package updates for Poppler, Subversion and Git

Z. Majeed
Sun Apr 12 17:27:47 GMT 2020

I made do with windows git 2.26 - unfortunately it does not play well with cygwin git

My first attempt at windows git worktree add produced: "Working tree has modifications.  Cannot add."

Very surprising since it was a fresh clone - but using cygwin git

Turns out the error is from a git diff-index HEAD at

windows git diff-index showed two kinds of false positives

1. new files:

:100644 100644 b5ae85651031085a9dc89f584d235e48f0502837 000000000000000000000000
0000000000000000 M      LICENSE

this is fixed with windows git update-index LICENSE

2. file permissions change

:100755 100644 ae8fb75816f99be89c0171fb5b287149f52c19be ae8fb75816f99be89c0171fb
5b287149f52c19be M      googletest/ci/

this is fixed with windows git config core.filemode false

Bit easier is insuring the repo was cloned with windows git in the first place - but it's good to know where the two versions don't agree

I can't say which version is at fault for the inconsistency

On Sunday, April 12, 2020, 09:17:32 AM EDT, Steven Penny <> wrote: 

> Will git contrib/subtree be in the next release? It's not in the latest version 2.21.0-1.

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