Using ARM GNU GCC with Cygwin

Åke Rehnman
Sat Apr 4 19:11:52 GMT 2020

On 2020-04-04 11:00, Ben wrote:
> Hey all,
>  I've never used Cygwin much in the past for compiling let alone 
> cross-compiling to another arch.
> I've been playing with ARM GNU GCC and some examples from nordic 
> semiconductor for some of their demo boards (The Thingy)
> The make file that comes with the project includes source files using 
> the (abspath ../main.c) (as one example) which GCC really seems to hate.
> The output from GCC is the full path 
> (/home/bkamen/workspace-nordic/.....) right down to the file and gcc 
> tells me it can't find the file.
> if I change the mail file to use a relative path, gcc can find that... 
> but ultimately I'm trying to understand the issue than just patch 
> around it.

Without know how your make file looks it seems the paths are absolute 
and wrong... gcc usually don't have any problems with full absolute paths.

The reason I think the paths are wrong is it does not start with 

> I'm using the arm-gcc from the website.
It is the same I use.
> Is there something else I'm missing? What files can I offer (like the 
> makefile) that can help determine the issue?
Look at the failing command and make sure what ever paths and files are 
used are correct.


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