Using ARM GNU GCC with Cygwin

Sat Apr 4 09:00:34 GMT 2020

Hey all,

  I've never used Cygwin much in the past for compiling let alone cross-compiling to another arch.

I've been playing with ARM GNU GCC and some examples from nordic semiconductor for some of their demo boards (The Thingy)

The make file that comes with the project includes source files using the (abspath ../main.c) (as one example) which GCC really seems to hate.

The output from GCC is the full path (/home/bkamen/workspace-nordic/.....) right down to the file and gcc tells me it can't find the file.

if I change the mail file to use a relative path, gcc can find that... but ultimately I'm trying to understand the issue than just patch around it.

I'm using the arm-gcc from the website.

Is there something else I'm missing? What files can I offer (like the makefile) that can help determine the issue?



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