Important !..Need Assistance on OpenSSH..! Important

Veerabhadra Sway
Fri Apr 3 10:13:31 GMT 2020

Hello All,

we have been trying to setup SFTP in one of the server and facing few
can you kindly please help me on this.
1) while configuring ssh-host-config from the terminal i dont get the
option asking to install privilege
   user(cyg_server) but simply installs the service and the service runs by
local system
2) i have created the users locally and have been trying to access SFTP
through client
   it says permission denied, but if i assign same user to Administrators
group, users can successfully login
   please let us know what role is required for the local user to login
without any issues
3) i wanted to restrict the user to dedicated directory but have been
failing since the user is now part of Administrator group and by default
gets full right
please help me on this topic, it is kind of critical escalated setup for us
and needs to be addressed in priority
kindly share us any supporting doc on entire setup if any
we are trying this in windows server 2012 and 2016


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