Path issue with cygwin and g++ -fprofile-generate and -fprofile-use command
Thu Apr 2 13:19:03 GMT 2020

Hi cygwin users,
today I saw an issue when trying to use profile guided optimization of g++ (9.3.0) inside cygwin 3.1.4 with path specified

uname -a gives
CYGWIN_NT-10.0 3.1.4(0.340/5 /3) 2020-02-19 x86_64 Cygwin
More specificaly if I try to give a path argument like 


g++ outputs 


Sample to reproduce : :int main(int , char**) { return 0; }
> g++ -profile-generate=profile> ./a.exe> g++ -profile-use=profile
will output :

and during second compilation g++ will complain about missing profile as i hasn't been crated.

This is also the case if an absolute path is given, and also if the target directory already exists.
Without specifiyng a path argument, profile generation and use are fine.
Am i doing something wrong ?

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