assertion "p >= path" failed

Tim Adye
Fri Oct 25 22:07:00 GMT 2019

Hi again,

Thanks for all the interesting detective work investigating my problem 
with ssh-agent. Let's hope it results in a fix.

I have another problem which is a bit harder to reproduce, but perhaps 
has a clearer signature. From time to time my PC gets into a state where 
no Cygwin command will start. They all exit with the message:

assertion "p >= path" failed: file 
line 2916, function: int symlink_info::check(char*, const suffix_info*, 
fs_info&, path_conv_handle&)

It's the same result whatever Cygwin command is used and whatever 
directory I start from. Already-running commands still seem to work (eg. 
connecting to sshd gets as far as a password prompt), but they can't 
start anything new. Even if I exit/kill all Cygwin processes (including 
sshd service), it remains in this broken state. The only fix I have 
found is to reboot the machine. After that Cygwin works fine.

I'm not entirely sure what prompts the issue, but it seems to be 
associated with resuming from hibernation in a different location, 
perhaps after going from online to offline. I use Offline Files for my 
Cygwin HOME directory. I also sometimes get hangups with other programs, 
or even the Windows desktop, after resuming from hibernation, so this 
may be indicative of a more general problem. Cygwin's issue is the 
clearest example, so I'll start here.

Do you have any ideas how I can diagnose or fix this? I'm using 64-bit 
Cygwin 3.0.7-1.


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