Cygwin command line download issue

Ken Brown
Tue Oct 22 18:52:00 GMT 2019

On 10/21/2019 1:12 PM, Jim Rather wrote:
> I use a script to download cygwin so I can install the utilities on disconnected systems. I have an issue. The package crypto-policies does not download even though I have chosen the Base category. I noticed when I manually download this package that it shows up in the noarch directory so I am not sure if this is why? I do choose --arch x86_64 in my script. I am assuming that I do not enter noarch there since I do get a lot of noarch packages just not sure why crypto-policies is not one of them. I noticed this issue when trying to update openssh to version 8 and the message I was receiving was that crypto-policies was missing. I can share my script, just not sure how much information you want me to post. Please let me know what else you need.

I think you need to say exactly what you did, with all details.  Everything in 
the Base category should be downloaded/installed by default.

You might also look at /var/log/setup.log and /var/log/setup.log.full for clues 
as to what went wrong.


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