Problems with "Hello, World!"

Achim Gratz
Fri Mar 22 18:58:00 GMT 2019

Vesa P. writes:
> --- Process 10312 thread 24044 created
> --- Process 10312 loaded C:\Users\XXXXXX\cygwin64\bin\cygwin1.dll at 0000000000ae0000
> --- Process 10312 unloaded DLL at 0000000000ae0000
> --- Process 10312 thread 24044 exited with status 0x0
> --- Process 10312 exited with status 0xc000007b

Well, your cygwin1.dll loads to some unusually very low address.  The
64bit DLL should alway load at 0x0000000180040000.  If you didn't
force-replace the DLL while you have it still loaded into another
process (fixing that requires a reboot) that suggests a serious case of

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