Patch request to qt 5.9.4

Sat Mar 16 00:41:00 GMT 2019

>>  Hi Tatsuro,

>>  This Qt issue should be reported to their developers.  Do you have 
> experience 
>>  opening a ticket with them?  If so, please do so and let me know the 
> ticket/bug 
>>  number.  I will participate in discussion there.  I could also open a 
> ticket 
>>  myself if you prefer that I do it.
>>  It seems to me that we should continue to apply your one-line patch that 
> turns 
>>  off O_NONBLOCK at that one Qt location, as a workaround for this Qt problem 
> on 
>>  Cygwin.  When the Qt devs fix the root cause and release a new Qt 
> containing the 
>>  fix, we can then remove our local patch.
>>  ..mark
>>  Yaakov: Does this all sound reasonable to you?
> I do not have experience opening a ticket of Qt.
> However, I frequently open bug tickets to gnuplot and GNU Octave.
> I will try it tomorrow and report here about submit of the ticket.


I created the Qt bug.


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