sshd: fatal: seteuid XXX : No such device or address
Thu Mar 14 15:29:00 GMT 2019

> As for why, Administrator is the only local account with super-user
> permissions that is guaranteed to exist. Windows uses it in case something
> gone REALLY wrong, such as AD database recovery procedures.
> It is easy enough to enable a locked account with offline tools, if your
> gone into such disrepair, that you can no longer even boot it, and need a
> LiveCD to login to local SAM environment.
> But recovering a lost Administrator password is a nontrivial endeavor, and
> chances to brind system into a working state without complete reinstall
> diminishing rather quick.

Ok, I will do it, I didn't think of that, thanks for sharing.

Thank you the list, you have been really helpfull.


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