seteuid problem with sshd

Bruce Halco
Wed Mar 13 23:26:00 GMT 2019

I'm having to update a number of cygwin installations that are about a 
year old (cygwin 2.9.0-3). Usually I just run the installer and 
everything goes fine.  Occasionally I've run into a problem and had to 
remove the existing installation and reinstall.

Apparently something has changed with ssh.  I now go though the same 
installation process I've been using for years, but sshd logins fail 
after connection with

     "fatal: seteuid xxxxxx: No such file or directory"

The ssh client gets as far as offering the key. The last two lines from 
the client side are

     debug1: Offering public key: bhalco.ssh RSA 
SHA256:DDFVOXwQIpPODxXJPxp8Mxj1Y1mXsMqdmrvVYi5P51c agent
     Connection closed by port 32000

I've reproduced the problem on two computers. Both are running Windows 
7, although the same update will need to be applied to Windows 10 systems.

I haven't found any info using Google or the cygwin archives.

I don't even have a good guess what file or directory is missing.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Bruce Halco

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