sshd error "seteuid: No such device or address"

David Dombrowsky
Tue Mar 12 21:09:00 GMT 2019

I managed to solve this problem, but I'd love some confirmation that I
solved it the right way.

After updating cygwin and rebooting, all of a sudden I couldn't ssh
into my windows box.  The remote gave the usual "connection closed by
<bla> port 22" before anything happened.  Running in debug mode from
an admin shell didn't yield anything, but looking in the windows
application logs, I saw:

sshd: PID 2588: fatal: seteuid 1056480: No such device or address

The google suggested that the error was pty related, but it was not.

By accident, I noticed that I could log in from an account that I
hadn't set up public key auth, using my password.  So I forced ssh to
prompt for my password and viola!  I got in just fine.

On the server, I started another admin shell and did `passwd -R
my.username` and input my password.  That was the key.  I can now log
in using public key auth as I could a few hours ago.

Was that the correct solution?  Is that expected?  This windows box is
on a domain, so that might have something to do with it.

David Dombrowsky, Senior Software Engineer
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