Fork issue with timerfd

Ken Brown
Fri Mar 8 22:04:00 GMT 2019

On 3/8/2019 3:22 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  8 20:10, Rockefeller, Harry wrote:
>>>>> peter@D11934N ~
>>>>> $       1 [main] emacs 489 C:\CygWin\bin\emacs-w32.exe: *** fatal
>>>>> error -
>>>>> CreateThread failed for pipesel - 0x0<0x0>, Win32 error 8
>>>> I couldn't directly reproduce this issue, but I saw emacs using more
>>>> an more memory while the cursor was blinking.  I found a resource leak
>>>> in posix timers which was probably the cause for this problem.
>>>> I pushed a patch and uploaded new developer snapshots to
>>>> Please test.
>>> I tested this:
>>> emacs was on for a long time, did not crash and as far as could judge it did not leak memory.
>>> But it froze a couple of times which I cannot recall I have ever experienced before. I mean it suddenly became deaf and dumb and while I > > was actively editing the text, both the text area and the menu line got unresponsive. I could only shut it down from the task manager,
>>> because the red X didn't work either.
> What the heck.  The 0308 snapshot was supposed to fix these hangs as
> described in
> Are you sure it was the 0308 snapshot and not by any chance the 0306 one?
> I can't reproduce this with 0308.  I'm typing lots and lots in emacs,
> doing copy/paste with the mouse, and it just works with 0308.
>>> On the next week I will try the debug version in the hope that it can make a trace or something helpful. Is there a guide somewhere how to > use it?
> Install the cygwin1.dbg file into /bin and When Emacs hangs, attach with
> gdb and print the backtrace of each thread.  That should give a hint.
>> I have been running , i.e., March 6th
>> For a couple hours yesterday and all day today along with Ken Brown's test version of emacs (GNU Emacs 26.1.92)
>> And have not had a hiccup.
>> (Well, to be truthful, I'm running a lot more of Ken Brown's test software than just emacs.)
> Can you please test the 0308 snapshot with stock emacs, too?
> Ken, any chance you could test this as well?  If there really are still
> hangs with current emacs and the 0308 snapshot, I might need a bit of
> help.  Some kind of reproducer or some input as to the nature of the
> hangs would be nice.

Yes, I'll fire it up now and report back tomorrow.


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