Fresh OS, fresh cygwin install, unable to resolve "couldn't allocate heap, Win32 error 487" error

Bill Bierman
Wed Mar 6 08:18:00 GMT 2019

Hello.  I have a VirtualBox VM running Windows 10 Pro x64 with all current
updates at the time of writing this email.  There are no third-party
anti-viruses installed.  For that matter, the only thing I have installed
apart from cygwin is Visual Studio 2017, Google Chrome, Notepad++ and
7-zip. I have installed 32-bit cygwin (and yes I need to use the 32 bit

I am currently receiving this error when attempting to compile libgmp:

 *** fatal error in forked process - couldn't allocate heap, Win32 error
487, base 0x28B0000, top 0x2930000, reserve_size 520192, allocsize 524288,
page_const 4096

I have been researching this all day and have gotten to a point where I am
no longer finding new things to try on Google, and have grown somewhat

Things I have tried:
1. /usr/bin/rebase-trigger full
2. listdlls and ash /usr/bin/rebaseall -b
3. Checking the BLODA, found nothing
4. Reinstalling cygwin
5. Rebooting the system

I have used this same setup before many times and have never seen this
problem before.

I am writing to request advice on what to try next, or some way to narrow
down why this is happening.  If volunteering to be a guinea pig of some
kind could help to fix this issue permanently, I so volunteer.

Thank you!

Bill Bierman

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