Cygwin-3 and the Bleeding Edge

Wed Mar 6 00:11:00 GMT 2019

Achim wrote:

> Cygwin, for better or worse, is a rolling distribution.
> If that doesn't suit your needs...

Please, I was no way complaining or attacking.  To the contrary: cygwin is a
superb platform, excellently supported.  To which I can atest: i have been
utterly dependent on it for 20 years.  I wish Microsoft could support complex
software systems as well as the cygwin team does.  Corinna, in particular, is
a hero to me: she runs a taught ship.

I was just asking for info.  Which Achim supplied well:

> You need to keep the dependency chain ordered so that all
> dependencies of the package to be installed are older than the package
> itself. While setup now supports versioned dependencies in principle,
> this is not currently used, so you'll have to do this via other means.

Fine.  Makes sense.  I can do that.

And again, thank you all for decades of great work.

Karl Botts,

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