Cygwin-3 and the Bleeding Edge

Achim Gratz
Tue Mar 5 19:09:00 GMT 2019

KARL BOTTS writes:
> Are cygwin packages being pushed to mirrors still compatible with
> cygwin-2.11.2, now that cygwin-3 has entered the release pipeline?

Cygwin, for better or worse, is a rolling distribution.  If that doesn't
suit your needs, you'll have to come up with your own mechanism to lock
things the way you want it to.

In this particular case, Cygwin 3.0 does add new API and if any new
package uses it, then it will become incompatible with the older Cygwin.
While I can't speak for other package maintainers, I usually fully
update Cygwin before building new packages.

> But now and then I need to upgrade a specific package outside of my full
> cygwin update cycle.  E.g., right now I would like to upgrade just git.

…which was built long before the API change in question.

> So:  Assume for the moment that the latest git package release on the mirrors,
> has been built against cygwin-3 base.  Am I reasonably safe to assume it will
> still work with cygwin-2.11.2?  Does this generalize to all, or at least most,
> other packages?

No.  You need to keep the dependency chain ordered so that all
dependencies of the package to be installed are older than the package
itself.  While setup now supports versioned dependencies in principle,
this is not currently used, so you'll have to do this via other means.

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