cygport and C:\Windows\system32\tar.exe

Federico Kircheis
Sun Jun 30 07:24:00 GMT 2019

>> My problem is that cyport tries to invoke tar with an absolute file, and
>> of course C:\Windows\system32\tar.exe does not understand a path that
>> begins with `/cygdrive/c`.
> No.  Your problem is that you're trying to use cygport from the wrong
> place, causing the PATH seen by it to be completely wrong.  Well, either
> that, or that you somehow failed to install Cygwin's own tar, even
> though it's part of the base system, so it should always be installed.

Mhm, You are of course right.

I've a clean system (plus a couple of programs), and cygwin.

I was able to reproduce the error directly from the cygwin terminal 
(with relative and absolute path), but now I'm unable to trigger it 
anymore :-S

> Cygport, like many of the more involved utilities delivered by Cygwin,
> is meant to be used from inside the Cygwin shell.  At the very least,
> you have to ensure that the PATH of the shell running cygport is set up
> properly, with Cygwin's `/bin' and/or `usr/bin' mounts at the front of it.
>> How do you generally solve that problem?
> Basically by not even having it in the first place.

Of course, since cycheck reported it as possible issue I thought that 
was it.

Thank you.

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