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Dear Madam or Sir, we are pleased to inform you that we will hold the workshop in the following: ========================================================HUMAN RESOURCE DATA ANALYSIS AND UTILIZATION 人力资源数据分析与应用Chinese LanguageDate: July 11-12, 2019 (9.15 am - 16.45 pm) Language: Chinese Venue: Shanghai Fee: RMB 4400 (Including documents, luncheon and coffee break) ======================================================== COURSE BENEFITS:- How to support the implementation of company’s strategies through the correct idea, methods and techniques of HR management- To help HR become the strategic partnership from the general administration- To help company build the competitive advantage of talents- How to design, plan and develop HR management systematically and strategically- To grasp the analysis process, tools and methods of different data during HR managementMethodology:Lecture, team discussion, role play, case study, game simulation and scene test.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Course outline: 1. Overall HR data analysis- HR strategy- Strategic Human capital control- HR system plan - Scoring for different HR work- Three levels for analyzing HR data- How to acquire useful data- The value and difficulty of HR data analysis- The utilization of HR data analysis results- The key dimensionality of HR data analysis from business perspective- Key analysis tools2. The key function of HR data analysis- Analyzing labor cost level and structure- Human Capital Metrics- Measure dimension and content- How to set the key data indicators from HR management- Evidence-based Function for HR management- On-site exercise: human capital structure- Human capital operation and company performance- Case study: data analysis on staff turnover3. HR relevant indicators study 3.1 HR planning data - Annual forecast- Annual analysis- Data preparation- Analysis process- Result using- Case study on HR planning3.2 Talent review tools- Comprehensive competence evaluation of staff- Recruiting data analysis- Staff turnover cost analysis- Training development data- Case study: HR data for training demands3.3 Salary and welfare data- Salary structure- Gini base- Salary balance indicator- Measuring fairness sense3.4 Performance management data- Employee turnover intention analysis – methods and process- Performance check data- Case study4. The frame model for HR data4.1 Frame system- Analyzing indicators - How to find useful data for HR management- Multidimensional data model- HR audit- HR score card4.2 ROI on HR- Application on training, salary, recruiting - Data indicator- Data finding tools4.3 Return on human capital investment- Replacement cost, training cost, health cost, labor migration cost4.4 ROI for HR score card- Implementation process of HR score card- Indicators and value chain system4.5 ROI operation process- To define business strategy- To design strategic map- To confirm the HR transmission mechanism - To build HR evaluation system- To implement effectively4.6 Merit index for HR quantitative management
Trainer profile: Eric is a professional and experienced trainer with HR management master degree and MBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He was ever the HR manager and director including training development in Foxconn Group and HB Tech Group with more-than-20-year practical experience. And he is also the MBA facilitator on HR management for Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University from 2010.His training focuses on the mutual combination between theory and practice, he likes to lead and intensify training contents from case study and on-site practice. His training capability on structured thinking, tabulation management, operational process and practical conclusion always makes participants get a lot of benefits.His company clients like ABB, Alibaba, Basf, Bosch, Bright Dairy, China Mobile, China State GRID, CRRC Corporation, Endress, Ecovacs, Faurecia, Hoerbiger, Hyundai, Mennekes, Mitsubishi, Novonordisk, Omron, Philips, Ross equipment, SAIC Motor, Siemens, Sisme, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa , Volkswagen, Wittenstein and others.
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