package cygwin-d-... case sensitivity problems --

Townsend, Paul
Thu Jun 20 00:51:00 GMT 2019

--The NAME section line for the jN.3 man page is

jN, jNf, yN, yNf, j0, j0f, j1, j1f, jn, jnf, y0, y0f, y1, y1f, yn, ynf - Bessel functions

In a quick perusal of the available Cygwin math functions, I could find no available function with the first four names above although a C call to jN() does link successfully. In addition, the man page itself does not explicitly describe those four.  Again, a quick google internet search did not find jN although I did find Jn.

My original "simplest solution" would not work.

New suggestion:  Rename the jN.3 file bessel.3 and replace the first four names in the roff source file with bessel.

--  Thanks,

--    Paul Townsend

From: Townsend, Paul
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 1:46:20 PM
Cc: Townsend, Paul
Subject: package cygwin-d-... case sensitivity problems --

The cygwin-doc-... package has several problems in at least the /usr/share/man/man3 directory where multiple file names differ only in case, i.e., the tar file contains, in this order,



The jN.3.gz file contains the roff text and the jn.3.gz file contains a roff .so directive pointing at jN.3.  The file that ends up in man3 is jn.3.gz and jN.3.gz disappears.

The simplest solution would be to just remove jn.3.gz and similar .so files from the tarball.  This would at least allow the roff text files to exist.

-- Thanks,

--    Paul Townsend

FMI - where was the tarball created?  It certainly was not on a computer with Windows and case insensitivity.

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