[ANNOUNCEMENT] tcsh 6.21.00-1

Csaba Raduly rcsaba@gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:13:00 GMT 2019

Hi Jose,

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 2:12 PM Jose Isaias Cabrera  wrote:
> Just wondering... Does anyone still uses tcsh?  That was my favorite shell before bash.

There are always pockets of resistance, hiding out in the mountains
(-: server rooms, etc :-)

Also, please don't top-post on this list.

You can get very substantial performance improvements
by not doing the right thing. - Scott Meyers, An Effective C++11/14 Sampler
So if you're looking for a completely portable, 100% standards-conformat way
to get the wrong information: this is what you want. - Scott Meyers (C++TDaWYK)

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