how do i create a trusted-installer? (was Re: Trying to create default ACL entries to match file ACL entries)

L A Walsh
Thu Jun 6 19:44:00 GMT 2019

On 2019/06/04 14:34, Chris Wagner wrote:
> Hi Linda, / is just a mount to something like C:\Cygwin64 so there is no 
> problem in changing it.
    Uh...about that....oh my system '/' points to 'C:\'.  Isn't life fun!

I think I finally got it.  I broke down and used "icacls" for fine tuning
and now seem to have:
\ NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller:(F)
  NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller:(OI)(CI)(F)
  BLISS\Domain Admins:(OI)(CI)(F)
  BLISS\Domain Users:(OI)(CI)(RX)
  Mandatory Label\High Mandatory Level:(OI)(CI)(NW)

FWIW, BTW, I have two scripts (one in perl, one in shell) that convert
from a SID<->a hex value as you might see in the registry, and back
again.  As much as I've been able to test they seem correct. and agree
with other tools of the same
ilk.  You probably have your own, but if not, they are fairly trivial
and being in either shell or perl they aren't too difficult to understand.

If there is a want, I can just post them here, neither is very long.
> wc sidhex_xlate.{pl,sh}
 127  422 3067
 193  566 4697
 320  988 7764 total

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