Difference between --disable-nls and --disable-i18n

Henning xaoxx@t-online.de
Mon Jun 3 08:58:00 GMT 2019

If I (re-)compile packages I want to exclude support for internatio-
nalization/native languages, unicode and the like. My locale is C.CP850
or C.CP437. And I don't want utilities like sed to be able to recognize
or otherwise deal with unicode/multibyte characters.

My guess is that --disable-nls prevents non-en_US manpages and messages.
Many packages offer this configure option. sed(1) offers this one and
--dissable-i18n. What is the difference?
And there are --with(out)-libintl-prefix --with(out)-libiconv-prefix.

I would be glad I somebody could shed a light on all these and possible

Thanks in advance

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