Recent snapshots somewhat fail under W7

Denis Excoffier
Tue Jan 29 22:50:00 GMT 2019


I tried the (numerous) recent snapshots with W10 (1709) with no problem (except for the isolated 20190115 snapshot and also that « cp cygwin0.dll /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll » now fails but this is another story). The recent snapshots with W7 fail somewhat (but the system seems to function more or less), i've got the following message with W7:

      0 [main] tcsh 15528 fixup_mmaps_after_fork: VirtualQueryEx failed for MAP_PRIVATE address 0x6FFFFFA0000, Win32 error 5
    368 [main] tcsh 15528 D:\Users\dexcoff1\dexcoff1\cyglcl\uxl\tcsh-6.20.00\bin\tcsh.exe: *** fatal error in forked process - recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed
    700 [main] tcsh 15528 cygwin_exception::open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to tcsh.exe.stackdump
      0 [main] tcsh 19080 fork: child -1 - forked process 15528 died unexpectedly, retry 0, exit code 0x100, errno 11
No more processes.

I had a look into <> and noticed that recently (commit 69cc7a068656b5c6ef07ca079a213f801e02e650, dated 2019-01-27, DUPLICATE_SAME_ACCESS has been replaced by 0 in a call to DuplicateHandle(). I switched it back, re-compiled and the fork problem above disappeared. Don’t know the impact on W10.


Denis Excoffier.

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