gfortran problems with equivalence statement in module

Arjen Markus
Mon Jan 28 06:58:00 GMT 2019

out of curiosity I experimented a bit with this source code. It can be
simplified to:

module test
  integer, parameter :: rb = kind(1.0)
  real(kind=rb) :: ka(5,13,10)   , absa(65,10)
  equivalence (ka(1,1,1),absa(1,1))
end module test

If I make it a program, rather than a module, the compiler happily
produces a .o file. So it is not due to the non-one starting index in
the array kb



Op ma 28 jan. 2019 om 00:00 schreef airplanemath via cygwin <>:
> Compiling the attached fortran code with "gfortran -c test_compile.f90"
> fails, citing an internal compiler error due to a segmentation fault.
> Downgrading gcc-fortran to 7.3.0-3 or using the Mingw-w64 7.4.0-0
> gfortran allows the compilation to complete and produce a .o file.
> Running as "${host}-gfortran -c -wrapper gdb,--args test_compile.f90"
> seems to indicate that the Mingw-w64 compiler does not have the line
> that causes the problem in the cygwin-native compiler:
> attributes = gfc_add_attributes_to_decl (com->head->attr, NULL_TREE);
> where *com is initialized to zeros (so that com->head is NULL), and
> there does not seem to be any place between the creation of *com and
> the call above that would set com->head to something other than NULL.
> I seem to be missing something here, but I have no idea what that might
> be.  Can someone point out to me what it is I've missed?
> Thanks for any help you may be able to give, and for providing cygwin
> all these years.
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