user/group mapping for NFS

Charles Hedrick
Thu Jan 10 15:24:00 GMT 2019

We have a system that is doing a Kerberized NFS mount of directories on Linux. We have our LDAP system set up as a mapping server, with samaccountname added to users so that the Windows mount command does the mount as the right user.

ls -l causes a query that looks like (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uidNumber=26780))" attrs=“uid”. We sent back a response. If there’s a local account for the user, “ls -l” shows them. But we only have loal accounts for people who actually use the Windows box. I’d like “ls -l” to work for everyone. It appears that cygwin generates SIDs for entries in /etc/passwd. How can I make it do that for kid’s returned from LDAP? I’m willing to generate SIDs and put them in LDAP, but it doesn’t look like Cygwin is asking for a SID.


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