csih_create_privileged_user - use of SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight

Bill Stewart bstewart@iname.com
Wed Jan 9 22:12:00 GMT 2019


/usr/share/doc/csih/ChangeLog has the following note for 2015-04-02:

* cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh
(csih_create_privileged_user): Also add SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight to the
service user. otherwise it will be shown on the logon screen in some
versions of Windows.

>From this comment, it would seem that the only purpose of adding this user
right ("Deny log on locally") is to hide the user from the logon screen.

Is this correct? In other words, is preventing the account from showing in
the logon screen the _only_ reason for adding SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight?



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