Possible Cygwin setup regression with --prune-install

Shaddy Baddah lithium-cygwin@shaddybaddah.name
Thu Aug 29 06:02:00 GMT 2019


I have a use-case for Cygwin setup, which I admit will seem strange,
whereby I want it to do an "Install" with no packages selected at all.
ie., just setup a "skeleton" of a Cygwin install. I value it, because
based my own experience with the Cygwin setup code, it seems to
"bootstrap" the Cygwin root directory, using only the Win32api, without
a reliance of a Cygwin DLL at the early stage.

I note that the last Cygwin setup enhanced the handling of dependencies
greatly. I have nothing but praise for that change, setup is definitely
much more modern and stable now.

Previous to this change, I could achieve the "skeleton" install by
choosing the totally new Cygwin root to install to, and selecting "Keep"
so that no package were selected.

With the new setup, even if I select "Keep", with no packages selected,
the tight dependency checking will autoselect all the "base" packages,
after clicking next.

I don't even question that there would be a good rationale to this. But
I considered that since this is a very niche thing I do, I should
explore my own workaround. So I looked into the other command-line
options, and noticed this one:

  -Y --prune-install                Prune the installation to only the 

My reading of that is that this should defeat any packages from being
(automatically added). However, even with this option, the base packages
are still autoselected.

Admittedly, I didn't try this with Cygwin setup from before the
redesign, so it may not classify as a regression on the command-line

But can someone talk to what --prune-install is exactly supposed to do?
And can any consideration be given to a "skeleton/template" install?


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