ssh-add fails to find .ssh directory/key when home directory mounted via fstab
Wed Aug 28 16:03:00 GMT 2019

When I use an fstab.d file to mount my home directory at an
alternative point, everything seems to work (so far) except for
ssh-add that returns with exit code 2 (error) seemingly because it
can't find the .ssh folder and associated key.

Note that the perms of the .ssh folder and contained keys are 700 and
600 respectively.

Note ssh-add  works fine when my home directory is in the normal /home/<myname>>

Note my fstab.d file entry looks like:
     C:/Users/<myname>/Desktop/data/<myname> /home/<myname> ntfs binary 0 0

Is ssh-add failing because of a security issue? because it can't find
the mounted home directory .ssh file?

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