bug with grep 3.0.2 in cygwin 3.0.7

akiki@free.fr akiki@free.fr
Wed Aug 28 08:32:00 GMT 2019

I encounter some problem with grep option -E on cygwin 3.0.7 

echo "a^b" | grep "a^b" #answer a^b ie it's OK 
echo "a^b" | grep -E "a^b" #answer nothing " for me it's KO 

I have to backslash ^ to be OK like : grep -E 'a\^b' 

Is-it a bug ? 
I don't know if all versions of cygwin and grep are concerned. 

My cygcheck is OK with: 

Windows 10 Professional Ver 10.0 Build 18362 

Running under WOW64 on AMD64 

3218k 2019/04/30 C:\ws\njcyg\bin\cygwin1.dll 
Cygwin DLL version info: 
DLL version: 3.0.7 
DLL epoch: 19 
DLL old termios: 5 
DLL malloc env: 28 
Cygwin conv: 181 
API major: 0 
API minor: 338 
Shared data: 5 
DLL identifier: cygwin1 
Mount registry: 3 
Cygwin registry name: Cygwin 
Installations name: Installations 
Cygdrive default prefix: 
Build date: 
Shared id: cygwin1S5 
grep 3.0-2 OK 


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