: Losing Website Traffic.

Brenden Towey
Tue Aug 20 00:05:00 GMT 2019

Only one broken link that I could find:

Brenden@CharlieChaplin ~
$ wget --spider -r -nd -nv -w 2 -o run1.log

Brenden@CharlieChaplin ~
$ grep -B1 "broken link" run1.log
Remote file does not exist -- broken link!!!

Brenden@CharlieChaplin ~
$ wc -l run1.log
3772 run1.log

Running cygwin on my windows machine, of course! :-)

On 8/19/2019 7:41 AM, wrote:
> Hello Owner,
> My name is Mark Nicholls, and I'm a SEO Specialist.
> I have a large professional team who can fix all the above issues 
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uh huh

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