Perl Illegal Instruction

Chris Wagner
Thu Aug 15 16:22:00 GMT 2019

Apologies for the necropost but the solution deserves to be documented.

I suspected that it could be a rebasing issue and sure enough having 
Setup do a rebase fixed the problem.  Rebasing should probably be the 
first thing to do whenever you get some weird execution error from a 
Cygwin program.


On 2019-07-16 1:37 am, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Chris Wagner writes:
>> Of course it's up to date...
> I'll let that stand, although I've seen sufficiently many Win7 systems
> lately to be wary of any such statement.
>> That is not BLODA.  That's the standard list of libraries.  I changed
>> nothing; it worked yesterday; today it didn't.  Every other Cygwin
>> executable I've tried works without problem.  I even tried
>> reextracting the files from perl_base.
> So again, something changed and you have no idea what.  If you rule out
> a hardware error (memory most likely if it always strikes at the same
> place) and you didn't actively made changes (not limited to Cygwin),
> then the culprit must by definition be some change that occured
> elsewhere in the system.  If it was some automatic update there might
> be a restore point pertaining to those changes and certainly something
> in the event logs.
>>>> $ uname -a
>>>> CYGWIN_NT-6.1 applejack 3.0.7(0.338/5/3) 2019-04-30 18:08 x86_64
>>>> Cygwin
>>> A current Cygwin...
>>>> $ cygcheck -c perl perl_base
>>>> Cygwin Package Information
>>>> Package              Version        Status
>>>> perl                 5.22.4-1       OK
>>>> perl_base            5.22.4-1       OK
>>> combined with an outdated Perl (Cygwin is at 5.26.3 now).  What are 
>>> you
>>> trying to achieve?  Please fully update Cygwin after checking your
>>> system.  Also, you might want to clean up your PATH a bit.
>> I'm not going to recompile all my modules and rework the new lib paths
>> until I have a really good reason to.
> As they say, "you break it, you get to keep the broken pieces".  Trying
> to lock down part(s) of Cygwin is a losing proposition unless you are
> building everything yourself, at which point building a bunch of Perl
> modules after an update ceases to be an issue anyway.
>> I'ld be happy to run any other diagnostic command anyone can think of.
> Well, as I said, try to start with some halfway sane PATH perhaps? In
> other words, something like
> env PATH=/bin perl --version
> for starters.
> Regards,
> Achim.

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