Hung setup-x86_64.exe after parsing setup.ini

Jon Turney
Tue Aug 13 11:40:00 GMT 2019

On 12/08/2019 10:44, Веснин Юрий Александрович wrote:
> After creating a huge custom package, we meet inaccessibility of using setup.exe. It hangs on parsing setup.ini. By doing a little research we've found that this behavior appears when package size is greater than 1GiB (not accurate 1GiB but 1.4GB is enough). We started to investigate setup.exe sources but we stuck in bison sources.

If you provide more details on that problem, I can probably give some 

> How to reproduce the problem:
> 1. Make own FTP-repo of Cygwin (I think it could be done without packages at all)
> 2. Append the addition to setup.ini (from bottom of letter; in my setup.ini it holds from 173244 line)
> 3. Compress one with setup
> 4. Start latest (2.897 | 64 bit) setup-x86_64.exe, try to use this repo with default other settings.
> 5. The freeze happens during parsing setup.xz
> "Workaround" is
> 1. Replace actual size with 1000000000 (at 173260th line of my setup.ini)
> 2. Recompress one
> 3. Start same setup utility
> 4. Parsing setup.xz passed but it breaks by downloading, of course. It's OK.
> It's definitely a bug. What's the proper way to fix it?


I suspect that there might be additional problems later on, if the 
uncompressed size of the package exceeds 2GB (as briefly mentioned in [1])


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