Openldap 2.4.48-1 vs my company's pki

Quanah Gibson-Mount
Mon Aug 5 20:31:00 GMT 2019

--On Monday, August 05, 2019 5:06 PM -0400 David Goldberg 
<> wrote:

> Correct, openssl s_client works, as does the older build of ldapsearch.  I
> can't find any .ldaprc nor ldap.conf files on my system.
> Unfortunately I've only set up my system for end user purposes. Building
> from source will be a challenge. Any guidance (a link is fine) on what
> packages to install to set that up? And do I need to worry about the
> .cygport and patch files in the source distribution or will configure pick
> them up?

I would start with executing ldapsearch with the -d -1 flag added in (full 
debugging) to see what the client is doing.

I.e., if you're doing startTLS, then something like

ldapsearch -x -ZZ -d -1 -H ldap://<FQDN> -s base -b ""

Or if you're using ldaps, then something like:

ldapsearch -x -d -1 -H ldaps://<FQDN> -s base -b ""



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