XWin: Tiny fonts on high resolution display

Thomas Dickey dickey@his.com
Sat Sep 29 00:07:00 GMT 2018

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| Subject: XWin: Tiny fonts on high resolution display

| A Google search shows that this is a very frequently asked question (e.g.,
| https://sourceware.org/ml/cygwin/2016-07/msg00247.html), but I haven't found a
| good answer, except perhaps to use Gnome or some other desktop environment.  (I
| haven't tried that yet.)
| I just got a new laptop with a 3840x2160 display.  When I start the X server via
| startxwin, xterm and emacs open small windows with tiny fonts.  Here are the
| xterm and emacs settings in my .Xresources:

But none of those are for fonts.  With bitmap fonts, you generally can use 10x20
(12x24 is not so good).  Otherwise, your choice would be a TrueType font (which
generally have poor coverage of Unicode -- a problem since xterm loads only one font).
If you don't need to read CJKV, that's okay though...

With TrueType fonts, you can scale it:


| emacs.geometry: 80x34+340+40
| XTerm*geometry:  80x45
| XTerm*VT100*colorBDMode:  on
| XTerm*VT100*colorBD:  blue
| XTerm.VT100*colorULMode:  on
| XTerm.VT100*underLine:  off
| XTerm*VT100*colorUL:  magenta
| XTerm*scrollBar:  true
| XTerm*rightScrollBar:  true
| XTerm*saveLines:	10000
| XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
| I'm attaching my cygcheck output and XWin log.
| Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
| Ken

Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>
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