continued acl problems

Andrey Repin
Sat Sep 8 00:35:00 GMT 2018

Greetings, L A Walsh!

>>> In all of these cases it appears that the problem is with directories.
>>> At first thought it was related to presence of 'TRUSTED USER'
>>> But I saw some 'flakeyness' on domain ID's,
>>> where I saw it display the correct text for them,
>>> but scrolling down to look for problems, and back up had the
>>> permissions dialog showing the raw numbers for my domain ID's, but
>>> scrolling again showed them as Domain\ID.
>> Do you have cygserver running?
> ----
>         Well....rt now, not sure...hmmm

If you see them in service manager, then I'm curious by your observed
cygserver's one effect is to stabilize SID resolution within a session.
And yes, you should not be starting cygserver manually, unless for testing
purposes. I have no idea, what effect would have multiple cygserver's running
in the same system.

> I should have had it running, as it's part of my
> script which I run manually at start of every session, but
> did an update and had to kill off most or all of the cygstuff.

>         But restarted 'X', which used to -- should have restarted
> it but, looking didn't see it in process list and trying the
> same command manually gave an error:

>> cygrunsrv -n -O -S -d messagebus cygserver
> cygrunsrv: --neverexits is only allowed with --install

> So I look at help and install is for installing a new service

> So I look at what services are installed:

>> cygrunsrv.exe -L
> cygserver
> messagebus
> syslogd

> Looks like the cygserver is already installed...

> Looking in the services control panel, I see cygserver, 
> messagebus and syslogd, but syslogd won't stay running.

> Since I just ran the cygrunsrv command above, not sure if that
> started it or not. 

> If I specify two services on the command line, should it
> have started both? with the same 'cygrunsrv'?  They are set
> to start on system boot, but after the cyg-upgrade, they were 
> likely killed and restarting 'X' likely didn't restart anything
> because of the error.  

> Because cygserver won't let you start syslogd unless stderr 
> isn't a TTY, I have to send cygserver's error off to /dev/null,
> so I wouldn't have seen any errors.  

> guessing it wasn't running, but may be now (not sure
> why syslogd isn't running -- will have to check that out later.

> But for now, will have to see if this reoccurs ....

> Thanks for the possible cause! ;-)

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, September 8, 2018 3:23:39

Sorry for my terrible english...

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