problem with Windows 8.1 on-screen keyboard (tablet) and Alt-Gr-Keys in mintty

Thomas Wolff
Sun Sep 2 11:50:00 GMT 2018

[cleaning up my mailbox I found this 3-years old but ananswered issue]

Am 01.06.2015 um 16:59 schrieb Richard Czech:
> On a tablet running Windows 8.1pro I installed Cygwin 2.0.0 /64.
> Unfortunately I have issues using the on-screen (virtual) keyboard with Alt-Gr keys from within mintty.
> Example: In Germany to get to the "@" character you have to press [Alt-Gr][q].
> This, however, doesn't work in mintty using the on-screen keyboard. Instead of @ it produces the sequence [ESC][CTL-Q].
> When I start bash from a Windows CMD terminal the "@" using [Alt-Gr][q] works nicely. It also works when I use a real keyboad connected through USB.
> The problem only exists when using a mintty window and the on-screen keyboard.
> Does anybody have any advice?
The cause is the buggy on-screen keyboard which does not respect 
Windows's own rules of how to encode AltGr.
Mintty 2.8.0 added a workaround for it.

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