Bug Report: Regression in Cygwin 2.11.0-1

David Allsopp David.Allsopp@cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Sep 2 08:38:00 GMT 2018

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Sep  1 16:41, David Allsopp wrote:
> > Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > > Some of the path handling is seriously crippled as soon as you start
> > > using backslashes, and that's a delipberate decision and won't
> > > change, even after fixing the aforementioned bug.
> >
> > I don't quite follow this - does that mean that that path definitely
> > work even with a new Cygwin? i.e. our existing build system is
> > permanently broken for Cygwin 2.11+?
> No.  The problem we're talking about here is a regression and needs fixing, no
> doubt about it.
> I was just saying that win32 paths *in general* get a less complete treatment
> than POSIX paths for hopefully obvious reasons.  Just be aware that \foo\bar is
> not the same as /foo/bar and may even point to another file.
> As for the bug in question:  I pushed a patch which should fix this issue.  I
> created new developer snapshots and uploaded them to
> https://cygwin.com/snapshots/.  Please give them a try.

Thanks! That snapshot does indeed fix our build.

How feasible would it be to generate an alternate setup.ini (setup-snapshots.ini or something) and include the snapshots in the actual mirror with a switch to setup to select the alternate file? When we finally get to it with OCaml's CI, that is probably how I would configure our CI to operate (i.e. synchronise with a mirror, download the latest snapshot and then patch setup.ini), but I imagine there might be other projects which would set jobs running if it were very simple from upstream to do. 


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