Bug Report: Regression in Cygwin 2.11.0-1

cyg Simple cygsimple@gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 03:36:00 GMT 2018

On 9/1/2018 5:52 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, David Allsopp!
>>> In terms of this OCAML build system problem:
>>> Please fix your build system.  Do not mix POSIX and Win32 paths, use POSIX
>>> paths only.  Backslashes are *no* drop-in replacement for slashes.
>> The "problem" for us is more subtle than this. The program which is
>> generating that path is not a Cygwin executable, so it is correctly
>> combining a path it has been supplied (the ../stdlib which has been supplied
>> via Cygwin's make) with a filename, so it uses a backslash. It's been on my
>> TODO for years to enhance to understand that the program it's supplying the
>> path back to is a Cygwin executable and so sort it out properly but, well,
>> we're a small number of maintainers! That said, WSL is forcing us to address it properly...
> You CAN just send back forward slashes. Windows don't care.
> If any program would choke, it would be that program's problem after all.

Certainly not "that program's problem". The problem becomes mine and
yours as we've not followed the design of the program.  While Windows at
the moment doesn't care there is always the possibility that some fix
could break that since the documentation states to use \ in paths and
not /.  So while we "CAN just send back forward slashes" we need to be
prepared for the outcome if something changes in an update to the OS and
breaks the assumptions based on observed behavior rather than the
documented behavior.

cyg Simple

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