Advice on setting Cygwin build parameters for OpenSC.

Darren Whobrey
Sun Sep 2 01:22:00 GMT 2018

I’ve been talking to Doug Engert, one of the maintainers for the OpenSC project, and we could do with some advice on how best to set the build parameters for building OpenSC via Cygwin.

The good news is that with a small tweak to the current stock, OpenSC builds nicely and works well on Cygwin – which is great because it enables a heap of SmartCard and Yubikey applications to work too, like ssh.

The tweak required to get OpenSC to work with the standard Cygwin utils, like ssh-agent, is to comment out a line in the script that previously was causing it to force a WND build, which resulted in struct packing of 1 – and that doesn’t work with the ssh utils distributed with Cygwin. For details see the end of thread here:

The question is, what is the most sensible way to update the and still support other Cygwin users that may be using mingw or other toolchains rather than gcc? It seems that the default should be to not include the offending line, but then that would break WND builds. So maybe the script should have another case block for WND builds? This aspect is stretching my knowledge and understanding of the implications, so would appreciate some advice 😊


Ps: if the Cygwin team could add OpenSC to it’s distributed binary packages that would be great too!

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