mintty slow refresh rate over RDP

David Dombrowsky
Tue Nov 27 19:23:00 GMT 2018

On 11/27/18 1:14 PM, R0b0t1 wrote:
>> Glass ttys needed special hardware because the early uP chips running at low
>> speeds with small ROMs could not do much between displaying lines.
>> VT100 smooth scroll with No Scroll key toggle was like having more/less built in
>> to the terminal; VT52 had a Scroll key which supported something similar.

NOW you're bringing me back to freshman year :)

I remember building a system from scratch and having no "less" or "more"
tool, and the only way I could find a build error before it scrolled by
was to turn on the "smooth scroll" button.

>>> A good suggestion anyway.
>>> However, if you provide instructions on how to reproduce the issue, I may find
>>> time to check out whether there is some improvement potential.

My use case:
1) run windows 7 in a VM
2) use rdesktop (ubuntu xenial, rdesktop Version 1.8.3) to connect to
the windows box's desktop (used to run visual studio, etc.)
3) launch mintty, maximize the window
4) run a build that spits out a lot of logging.  This can be simulated
with "od /dev/urandom".

On my machine, it will lock up the desktop for a while, until I can
switch desktops, ssh into the windows box, and kill the offending process.

This is certainly multiple bugs, since X11 shouldn't lock up in any
case.  However, I can play fullscreen video over rdesktop without an
issue, so I'm not sure why the console is so graphically intensive.

> More recent RDP sessions should fix this. They do not send GDI calls
> and instead capture the screen at intervals and compress it. 

This is true.  Unfortunately, none of them have made it into distros
yet.  A local build of xfreerdp 2.0 will work fine, BUT that version
removes a few features I use [insert oblig XKCD here].  So *shrug*.

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