mintty slow refresh rate over RDP

Thomas Wolff
Mon Nov 26 23:35:00 GMT 2018

Am 26.11.2018 um 23:36 schrieb L A Walsh:
> On 11/26/2018 12:20 PM, David Dombrowsky wrote:
> ---
>     I find best results hosting the GUI (the window of
> the TTY) on the local machine, and only transfering the data
> (the txt of the ssh session).
>     On of the features you might want to use for your situation,
> though, is make sure "jump-scroll" is turned on if it is not.
> Otherwise any terminal program might take a very long time to catch
> up.  It really is an expensive operation to scroll text on a remote
> machine.  Early HW terminals and PC screens used special hardware
> to perform scrolling at fast speed.  Performing a smooth scroll
> via bit-moves of memory would be VERY painful on older machines
> or current machines using a slow-enough remote interface.
Mintty does not support smooth scrolling. (I gave it a try once but 
there is no complete implementation.)

>     Try running xterm locally and make sure TERM is set correctly on 
> the remote machine and I think you may be happier
> with the performance and "feel"...
A good suggestion anyway.
However, if you provide instructions on how to reproduce the issue, I 
may find time to check out whether there is some improvement potential.

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