mintty slow refresh rate over RDP

David Dombrowsky
Mon Nov 26 18:16:00 GMT 2018

I might the only one in the world to run into this, but it happens so
often that I need to ask the question.

I connect over a LAN to a windows box from my linux machine using
`rdesktop`.  I then launch a cygwin terminal window using the normal
shortcut, which launches mintty.exe.  If I then run a build of
something, which scrolls a reasonable amount of data to the screen,
rdesktop then freaks out for a while trying to constantly redraw the
mintty window.  Sometimes I have to wait for the build to finish before
I can even minimize the window.

Anyone know which part is messing up here?  This doesn't happen playing
videos or other graphically intensive programs.  Only the cygwin
terminal.  Anyone have any ideas?

David Dombrowsky, Software Engineer | 518-374-3204

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